01-09 2022

Diing Kuen's Tailored Innovation in Peru's Fishing Equipment Sector

Peru's Case:
Customized Flexible Manufacturing of Monofilament Machines

The Peruvian plant, the largest supplier of fishing and aquaculture equipment in the region, had been working with large European manufacturers for a long time, but they were looking for more flexible and cost-effective solutions to further enhance their strengths and competitiveness; this required not only high-quality equipment suppliers, but also experienced customization techniques; and Diing Kuen's success in assisting its customers in setting up a multifunctional production line.

1. The excellent customized solution better than the European big factories

Diing Kuen's unique customized solution helps Peruvian customers optimize the manufacturing process of filament extraction machines. This solution allows users to easily replace core components like die heads and extension equipment, and use different raw materials such as PP, PE, etc., to produce ropes for various applications on a single monofilament line. The solution ensures high precision and can be used for flexible production of monofilament or danline. This maximizes the added value of the product and the production efficiency.

2. Innovation and efficiency to enhance space/time utilization

Diing Kuen provides innovative solutions for the Peruvian company, optimizing production efficiency and reducing space costs. Through the design of customized control modules, Diing Kuen allows customers to easily switch between winding modes, saving production space and reducing time costs. This innovation not only enhances production efficiency but also ensures the stability and quality of the product, whether it's monofilament or danline filament, with high precision. This technological advancement demonstrates that Diing Kuen is not only a reliable partner but also delivers genuine added value to its customers.



3. "Tech Tour": Integrity and technology for building long-term good partnerships

Peru's customer success story highlights the significance of long-term relationships and technology. As a leading technology company, Diing Kuen has established a reputation in Peruvian factories through technical exchanges and investment in global technical tours. They address customer issues, introduce products, and update production concepts during the tour, resulting in 20–30-year relationships and success.

The impact of Diing Kuen's customized solutions knows no bounds

Diing Kuen's value lies in the initial purchase price and its detailed and long-lasting operation.  Their ingenious designs of various machines, including monofilament extrusion, and multilayer film blowing, have accompanied customers' growth. Collaborating with global partners provides customized case opportunities, allowing Diing Kuen to stay ahead of competitors and expand its global influence in the plastics equipment industry.