08-31 2023

Mexico Case: Diing Kuen's Customization Mastery

Mexico Case:
Integrated with 7 Customized Large Multi-Layer Blown Film Machine Production Lines

The project was extremely challenging: Diing Kuen had to revolutionize the huge manufacturing plant of one of the top 5 packaging material producers in Mexico with customization; not only was it an international collaboration, but it also had to meet the high standards demanded by the customer, which included "existing manufacturing processes optimization " and "shorter lead times/faster start-ups".

1. Revolutionary project management: efficient production process optimization

The multi-floor factory of the Mexican plant had a mixed and unmanageable workflow because of its tiered production model. The customer wanted Diing Kuen to integrate synergies and reorganize the production line, enabling office managers to oversee the entire process and granting producers direct access to their workspaces. Diing Kuen's customized solution successfully unified work platforms and assembly lines, resulting in significant savings in space, time, and transportation costs.

2. Difficulties of multinational projects:
simplification, division of labor, and complexity of multi-unit cooperation

Diing Kuen has optimized the production process and reduced delivery time from 12 months to 8 months, accelerating production start-up. This was achieved through special relationships with local manufacturers, remote monitoring, and technical support for steel structures, welding, and factory installation. Cross-border division of labor allows for multiple points of simultaneous operation, simplifying complexity and shortening the time frame. This has helped the customer accelerate production start-up.

3. Excellence in customization

In the face of competition from leading European equipment manufacturers, Diing Kuen stood out with their excellent customization skills, which was a major advantage for them in this project. This unique solution, despite increasing complexity, satisfies the customer's needs and boosts brand loyalty. The customer was impressed with Diing Kuen's Taiwan-made quality and purchase 6 sets of large 5 and 7-layer blown film machines more to enhance their existing production line's efficiency and quality.