09-03 2021

Strong market position amidst changing trends

In recent years, the rising global awareness to protect the environment has increased acceptance of green power policy, power restriction policy, reduced carbon footprint, and environmental labeling. As the Asian market becomes more focused on achieving a circular economy, countries are putting forward plastic waste restriction policies. Diing Kuen has already invested in the development of industrial environmental protection product lines a few years ago. Today, its sophisticated and innovative technology is able to meet the specific precision requirements of customers for high quality and sustainable products in the market.
In the wake of the global digital automation trend, Diing Kuen retains its leading position. The company not only improves the process that used to require manual calibration, but also introduces the automation system to control temperature, pressure, equipment monitoring, equipment life and maintenance. In addition, Diing Kuen's equipment can collect big data through IOT technology and provide timely feedback to the cell phones of customers to keep track of production progress, reduce the chance of operator errors, and minimize reliance on human resources for quality control.